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Name:Clint Barton
Birthdate:Dec 17
Teenage/Young Clint Barton.
Harry Potter AU.
Character Age: 16-17
Student/Hogwarts Staff Member/Other?: Student
Year at School: 6th year, Seeker for Quidditch team

Wand: 11" Holly, Unicorn
House: Hufflepuff
Pet: Owl
Dec 17- Clint is born. Father is a drunk muggle and abusive, mother isn't around long but was a witch, 3 years old Barney watches out for him
- Age 6, loses father in a drunk driving accident, sent to live with his uncle Legolas in Scotland and his daughter Merida.
- Age 11, sorted into Hufflepuff, brother kinda distant after that since he's Slytherin (and three years older)
- Age 12, makes friends with Natasha after constant trouble (both getting in and out of it) forges their bond
- Age 14, tries out for Seeker position and gets it. Given the nickname "The Hawk's Eye" or "Hawkeye" for his ability to pinpoint the snitch on the field and dive it like a bird of prey.

Other important stuff: Archery is a hobby of his that he picked up living with Legolas and Merida. Named his owl Katniss.

Incidents W/ Tasha Include:
- the time they snuck into the library after hours and read several books in the "forbidden section" they were looking to see if it was REALLY forbidden magic potions/spells or just the teacher's collection of erotic novels
- the time Clint got stuck on the roof after curfew
- the time they stole fury's eye patch
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